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Online LIVE Pilates Mat class

Pilates Mat classes focuses on a sequence of pilates exercises done on the floor using a yoga style mat.

These classes are delivered to allow you to attend from a venue of your choice. To join the class you will need to have the following items:

  • An internet connection;
  • A computer, Tablet (e.g. iPAD) or other video device. Note that Smart phones can be used however the screens size is not ideal.
  • Download the ZOOM app;
  • A yoga style mat;
  • Foam Roller and Chi Ball (ONLY required if attending the Props classes) – These can be purchased via our shop.
  • Appropriate clothing (e.g. workout/training clothing)


  • 10 Pack – $250
  • Concession 10 Pack – $200
  • Casual booking – $35 per class

Payment is required prior to the class.

Preferred payment methods is direct bank transfer (EFT).

Credit card payments are also accepted, however they will incur a 2.2% bank fee.

How to attend an OPilates LIVE class

  1. Click on your preferred session time in the published timetable.
  2. Enter your class passcode when prompted.

Please call 0402 858 091 to confirm current timetable


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