Holistic Wellness Coaching


As your Wellness Coach you will gain support through encouragement, accountability and deep listening. In our partnership we will identify and achieve goals focusing on effective action through cooperative consultation, on-going motivational support and unconditional positive regard.

The benefits of coaching

  • Increased focus
  • Firm goals
  • A better ability to communicate wants and needs
  • Independence
  • Confidence

Our coaching relationship

It is important to remember that my role of a coach is not to tell you what you should do, but to help you discover the right path by asking key questions and re-framing answers into concrete goals.

Your role as my client is to be open minded and to make yourself available and accountable with me when implementing changes that will lead you towards your goal. Coaching is an active, reflective process which is built on a trusting, interactive and equal partnership.

Both parties need to be committed in order for the relationship to be truly successful.

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All coaching sessions are treated with a high level of confidentiality. In the case of a serious incident during the program consideration can be discussed to postpone or terminate the sessions.