Thanks again so much for the fantastic work that you do teaching Pilates, you are exceptionally good at what you do and I congratulate you for the time you put into it and the energy that you bring to the class! You have certainly helped me personally improve my posture and overall health.

Marty, Business Executive, 42

Oriana’s tailored pilates program has helped my recovery and improved my overall performance. Great work! Highly recommended. 

Matt, Professional Athlete, 25

I have been attending pilates classes led by Oriana for a year and a half. She is very passionate, knowledgeable and skilled at her chosen profession.  She takes the time to explain things clearly, gives you the opportunity to provide input into the class on what you want to work on and she modifies the …

Ruth, Registered Nurse, 27

 I started Pilates back in 2012 and Oriana was one of my first group instructors.  Tired of the same gym classes and nearing my 30s, I identified that my body needed something new. I thoroughly enjoyed her group classes.  Oriana demonstrated a thorough understanding of the principles of Pilates, body movement and what sings to …

Aislinn, mum, 30’s